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The first phase of the program is evaluation - we have to understand the current situation in order to set the proper course for change. We will perform a detailed Site Analysis on the enterprise or corporate website and key content pages from various business units using our detailed checklists and audits to determine how well your site is complying with the various search engine algorithm attributes.

This analysis helps to identify macro and micro problems that result in poor rankings and few visitors from search engines. Each identified problem will include a detailed explanation of the problem, the degree of impact on rankings, and specific recommendations on how to improve the problem. Some of the key elements of this review are as follows:


  •   Website Spider ability Analysis
  •   Navigation Structure Review
  •   HTML and XML Template Review
  •   Site Programming and Coding
  •   Algorithm Compliance Audit
  •   Organizational Keyword Audit
  •   Content/Keyword Density Analysis
  •   Link Popularity/Relevance Audit
  •   Initial Ranking Report
  •   Keyword Analysis
  •   Competitor Analysis

Once the analysis is completed, a detailed written report will be developed outlining all of the issues encountered on both a site level and a page level.



After a thorough evaluation, the next step on the roadmap is to develop the "solution" to making the various changes necessary to make the site and the content more compatible to the search engine algorithms.

Every solution is unique to the enterprise since not every company has the same problems with their site. Some issues are easy to solve while others more complicated. The solution typically takes into account at least the following areas:


  •   Critical "show stopper" issues
  •   Spiderability
  •   Site wide changes
  •   Template Modifications
  •   Keyword Integration
  •   Keyword Allocation
  •   Develop a business case
  •   Establish improvement metrics
  •   Meta Tag Optimization
  •   Content Optimization
  •   XML Sitemap Creation & Submission
  •   Robots.txt
  •   RSS Feed
  •   Google Analytics
  •   Title Tag Optimization
  •   Meta Tags Optimization
  •   Alt Tags Optimization
  •   Image Optimization
  •   Optimization of HTML source code
  •   Hyperlink / Internal Linking Optimization
  •   Sitemap Creation for Local & Google

At the conclusion of the Solutions Development Phase, you'll receive a business impact report that prioritizes both the critical issues and the less-critical issues. More importantly, you'll have an understanding of the value of resolving these issues in a matrix format that reflects the relative importance of the issue in terms of the algorithm attribute, which is impacted.



Once we understand what we need to do, how we are going to do it, and who are going to do it with - it is time to get it done!

This Phase can take many forms with a preference to internal teams making the changes and editing content. However, where resources are not available, we can provide them to get specific tasks completed or those that are beyond the internal team's abilities.



  •   Online Internet Marketing Strategy for 40 Hrs. a month
  •   Up to 10 Keyword’s optimization
  •   Up to 500 Manual Directory Submissions
  •   Up to 100 Manual Article Submissions
  •   Up to 30 Site Bookmarking
  •   Up to 10 Blog writing and postings
  •   Up to 4 Article writing
  •   Social Media Engagement (Facebook, Twitter & Google+)
    •   Customer Service
    •   Product/Service Feedback
    •   Industry Networking
    •   Promotions/Contests
    •   News, Company updates
    •   Internal Collaboration
  •   Content listing and links from various catalogues
  •   Announcements
  •   Knowledge base


With a detailed implementation program up and running we focus on managing the progress by reviewing project tasks as well the incremental performance increases during implementation. During this phase we refine the various scorecards and match them to the business case to ensure we are on track and demonstrating overall value and ROI.



All reports will be sent end of the month. This will give the google analytics, show you how the keywords and the website has been performing as we move on ahead.

  •   Total hits
  •   Ranking & Traffic Reports
  •   Hits through searches
  •   Alexa Rank
  •   No. of backlinks build over the period
  •   SERP improvement

The keyword research will be done after awarding the contract to us. Once the keywords are frozen, based on the competition we will be in a position to give the milestones more accurately. But as a thumb rule we have been able to deliver at least 30-40 % of the keywords to come on the page in 3 months. 40- 60% of the keywords in month 5 and month 6 onwards 70-90% of the keywords would be in the top unless and until the keywords are not too very generic and competition is very high.



  •   Pricing for 40 man hours per month
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