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Web School is a brand synonymous with a team of professionals engaged in formulating Web School product and solution, We did a thorough survey on meaningful representation of different applications at school level to not only improve the administrative standards of overall management achievements but also to bring value to the students, staffs, parents and top management.


WebSchool is a state-of-the-artproduct and solution for all kind of Schools.It enhances Academic process, Managerial process, Strategic / Quality / Performance / Information management and Support process Infrastructure and theInvestment. It has comprehensive set of modules to improve the qualities in all aspects, maximize the efficiency and productivity. It supports 24/7 by bringing all the stakeholders into a common platform through the portal. This simple, easy-to-use and secure system remarkably reduces 95% of manual work and connects group schools under single integrated software.


  •   Multi campus management through single application
  •   Automatic database backup and Scheduling
  •   Integrated with e-mail and SMS for fee/dues and other announcements
  •   Integration of automatic attendance devices like bio-metric, RFID and Smart-card readers
  •   Simple and User friendly interface
  •   Any-time anywhere access
  •   Quick dashboard for effective decision making
  •   Automatic and manual timetable in few clicks
  •   On the spot ID card issue to students and staff
  •   Custom roll number formats as you wish
  •   Integrated lesson planner
  •   Online learning and Assessment with provision of Self-Assessment
  •   In built question bank for Self-Assessment
  •  Integration with Bar-code and RFID reader for automation of library activities
  •   Auto suggestion for replacement of absent staff in time table
  •   Autosuggestion for exam seating arrangement
  •   Tested for peak performance with huge data processing
  •   Question Bank and Question Paper generation in a minuteh
  •   Toppers information view
  •   Staff Engagement/Free hours Reports
  •   Rank card generation on a click
  •   Student staff performance analysis
  •   Integrated Security Management
  •   Automatic student promotion to next standard
  •   Virtual Helpdesk
  •   Personalized workbook, calendar and Event Planner
  •  Automated Salary and Taxation
  •   Quick view Dashboard
    - Fees and dues
    - Absenteeism details for the day
    - Recent activities and schedules And much more...
  •   Personalized portals for
    - Students
    - Staff
    - Management
    - Parent
    - Vendor and
    - Alumni

Competitive Advantage

  •   Unlimited User License
  •  Accessible through mobile phone and personal devices
  •   Saved search - for frequent search screens
  •   Proven open standards based system
  •   SOA based architecture and easy for integration with third party systemse
  •   Customizable reports in various file formats
  •   Rule Engine based system
  •   Customizable workflow management
  •   On the spot ID card issue to students and staff
  •   More than 300 reports (printable as well as downloadable)
  •   Integration with bio metric as well as bar-code and RFID devices for attendance and tracking
  •   In built document management system
  •  Online digital library with role based accesst
  •  In-built database backup tool for periodical database, Auto suggestion for replacement of absent staff in time table
  •   Automatic reminders of events, activities and other reports submission
  •   Configurable role based system features
  •   Easy integration with Tally or Quick Book
  •   Inherent feature to do the online payment facility
  •  Quick and automatic publishing of results into your website
  •   Switch to any database at any time, we don't have any restrictions
  •   Data upload through excel sheet Chart based visual representation of data
  •   If you configure your priorities and availabilities of your staff, we give you class time table
  •   Count your man power (staff) utilization report for the whole year
  •   Bulk fee collection & receipt generation
  •   Automatic promotion of students based on their final exams, no need to key in the data again for next standard

We value your time and money always. Rest assured that your investment of time as well as money with VASA WebSchool will give a good return on investment on these following factors.

  •   Data driven managerial approach
  •   Knowledge management
  •   Human independent data accessr
  •   Improved productivity
  •   Academic efficiency
  •   Administrative solution
  •   Performance management
  •   Strategic planning and measurement
  •   Quality improvement

Webschool Editions

Standard Edition
Modules for core academic

Master data setup
Academic information configuration
Work time schedule management
Holidays management
Management committee
User Access management

Admission Management
Admission enquiry and Preregistration
Student admission
Enrollment & ID Card issue

Staff and Management Record Info
Staff Personal Profile
Management committee records
Day-wise Staff engagement reports

Fee Management
Fee announcements and Collection
Class & Fee Item wise reports
Consolidated & Customized fee reports
Scholarship and Refund management

Class & time table Management
Subjects & Syllabus management
Automatic as well as manual time table
Holiday or Extended timetable Lesson planner

Student & Staff attendance Management
Day wise / Session wise / Hour wise attendance for students & staff
Manual & Bio-metric attendance
Absenteeism alerts to administrative officer
Monthly/Weekly/Daily consolidated and individual attendance reports

Student & Staff attendance Management
Day wise / Session wise / Hour wise attendance for students & staff
Manual & Bio-metric attendance
Absenteeism alerts to administrative officer
Monthly/Weekly/Daily consolidated and individual attendance reports

Exam and result management
Periodical / Regular Tests
Exam timetable preparation
Question Bank
Question / Answer sheet counts
Exam attendance
Mark entry & rank card
Result & Consolidated mark reports

Admission Reports
Student & Staff Reports
Examination Reports
Fee related Reports
Other reports, as you need

Web Portal

Premium Edition
Modules for academic, administrative and knowledge management

Standard Edition Modules
HR & Payroll Management

Recruitment Management
Career Counseling Activities
Performance measurement and appraisal
Staff Payroll management
Allowance and Reimbursement management
Taxation Management
Staff Loan Management

Staff Performance Management
Staff Engagement Reports
Staff's Extra Curricular activities
Staff's Grievance Management
Staff Training and Higher Education Management

Virtual Learning & Assessment Management
Online learning management
Assessment management
Question Pool and Bank management
Scorecard and Learning History view
Portal to staff to manage the learning content and assessment

Library Management
Vendor management
Books/Magazine Purchase Management
Department wise requirement management
Membership managementBook issue & circulation through barcode and RFID devices
Library related reports

Transport Management
Vehicle management
Driver / Conductor management
Service, Insurance and Fuel management
Route planning and mapping Route wise Occupants reports

Hostel Management
Hostel facilities management
Buildings and Block management
Registration & Evacuation
Roommate details view
Fee & Penalty management

Complaints management
Feedback management

Web Portal

Advanced Edition
The complete e-Governance

Premium Edition Modules
Multi campus Management

Multiple Campus Management & Creation
Multi Campus User management
Multi campus dashboard information & quick view reports

Budgeting + Finance
Proposals Planned
Budget Planning & Fund allocation
Budget categorization & tracking
Integration with day-to-day-operations / accounts
Integration with Tally / QuickBooks
Income and Expenditure Preparation
Balance Sheet Generation

Virtual Communication
Online Chat
Discussion Forums
RSS Feeds
Blogs Management

Asset & Inventory Management
Purchase Management
Inventory track and management
Asset Movement Register
Warranty & Claims management
Service & Insurance management
Blogs Management

Health Center Management
Health Consultant Management
Appointment management
Health Record Management
Prescription Management
Pharmacy management

Events & Community Management
Event Planner and Calendar
Event management
Community activities and management

Electronic Document Management
Customizable role based document sharing
Online editor
Scanning and attachment
Integration with Emails
Content Search as like Google search
Attachment of any document formats
Configurable workflow and approval system

Canteen management
Daily menu item management
Menu card display and management
Feedback management
Menu preference management

Co-operative Store Management
Purchase management
Demand consolidation
Sale & Promotional offers
Online sales and shopping cart management

Sports management
Sports house management
Sports team management
Events planning & scheduling
Internal; & External Sports activity management

Alumni Management
Automatic member registration
Alumni events planning & origination
Alumni office bearers management
Membership registration 7 cancellation
Information sharing & control Suggestion board

Virtual Library
Digitalized content storage and sharing
Access based downloading option
Group / Department based subject
Contents and lab materials
Online lab practicing

Vendor Management
Vendor quality assessment
Vendor data management
Vendor payment and receivable
Vendor feedback and evaluation

Web Portal

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