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eSanchari’s innovative approach to streamline ticket bookings for fun and recreational tourism activities is truly commendable. The potential of this app to revolutionise the travel and leisure industry to the next level.

About eSanchari

The Digiverti Infotech Private Limited is a dynamic and creative technology company whose main goal is to change the way people access and experience events and activities. Having started with the aim of revolutionizing the ticketing sector, our mission is to introduce the latest technologies which make the process of buying tickets much simpler and ensure customer satisfaction. On a mission of ingenuity, productivity, and client-centricism, Digiverti Infotech aspires to be a trendsetter in tourism and travel by employing technology to connect experiences with consumers. Our team is a team of enthusiastic people united by the same vision to create a frictionless and transparent ticketing environment for the convenience of both customers and event organizers. Digiverti Infotech has a mandate to offer only the best, and the team is committed to continuous improvement. With the aim of changing the way people participate in events and activities across India, the company is well positioned to make an everlasting mark.


The targeted vision of Digiverti Infotech Private Limited is to transform the travel and tours industry by introducing order and discipline to ticket services. We envisage a future in which you can buy tickets for any kind of event or activity that you wish in the simplest way ever, which will make it possible for the people to explore and satisfy their interests with simplicity. With our innovative technology solutions and customer first approach, the goal is to develop a transparent and user-friendly platform that makes the whole ticket buying experience pleasurable for the consumer while being the choice platform for both event organizers and consumers.


We, at Digiverti Infotech Private Limited, we aim to achieve the top provider of online ticketing services by forming partnerships, adopting technology, and putting customers first. We will focus on growth and success and create value for all stakeholders. Our mission is to bridge the gap between customers and experiences by offering a user-centric ticket booking portal that caters to diverse interests and preferences. Through our innovative approach, we aim to promote the transition of the tours and travel sector into a structured and regulated domain, benefiting both consumers and governmental authorities alike.

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